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Welcome to another episode of Nomadic Diaries where we traverse the boundaries of culture and geography to understand the essence of a nomadic lifestyle. Hosted by Doreen Cumberford,  we are joined by our distinguished guest Polly Collingridge, a cross-cultural psychology expert and a professional at the Cultural Intelligence Center in the UK.

Cultural Intelligence: A Deep Dive

Polly Collingridge shares insights from over 150 peer-reviewed papers that back the cultural intelligence (CQ) scale as a trustworthy assessment tool. The CQ framework comprises four main capabilities: drive, knowledge, strategy, and action, crucial for working effectively across various cultural landscapes.

– A 15-minute main assessment can provide a snapshot of one's cultural intelligence and preferences across ten cultural values.

Personal and Professional Perspectives

Polly brings her personal experiences living in different countries into the conversation, highlighting how these have shaped her interest in the intercultural field from childhood.

In her work at the Cultural Intelligence Center, she focuses on training global teams, enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and boosting staff engagement through the lens of cultural intelligence.

The Intersection of Digital and Cultural Divide
Doreen and Polly touch upon the shifting digital behaviors and how the generational digital divide resembles being in a different cultural territory.

Strategies and Adaptability

Both Doreen and Polly stress the importance of understanding one's own cultural perspective and the need to be open-minded for effective intercultural interaction.

Polly recommends keeping things simple and striving to make connections, adapting to different emotional expressions and communication styles across cultures.

The concept of emotional intelligence is woven into the conversation as a complement to cultural intelligence, particularly pertinent in our increasingly digital and divided world.

Navigating Multicultural Challenges

Doreen and Polly share their personal challenges and stories about living abroad, especially focusing on experiences in the US, and the indispensable role cultural intelligence plays in such journeys.

Polly underlines the significance of self-assessment in identifying areas of improvement in cultural intelligence, with specific references to strategies that aid development in this area.

Resources and Further Engagement

For listeners looking to delve further into the topic or engage with Polly, she can be found on LinkedIn and contacted via email Polly Collingridge at Additional resources can be accessed through [](, where you can find a blog and a recorded interview dedicated to global mobility and intercultural training.

Closing Thoughts:

Doreen wraps up the episode with an appreciation of Polly's contributions and encourages listeners to be proactive in engaging with the cultural intelligence initiative.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Nomadic Diaries, where we continue our quest for insights and stories that shape a nomad's life. Thank you for listening, and remember to explore, engage, and evolve.

Doreen Cumberford

To contact with Polly Cultural Intelligence Center please contact her at Account Manager, Cultural Intelligence Centre.

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