I got to thinking about what a great metaphor our skeletal system is for returning home or moving in general.

There are lots of moving parts in bodies. Bodies well when they are flexible, strong and healthy. Our bodies house our spirits and require regular daily maintenance. They constantly need movement, feeding and watering just like our re-entry does. If we are flexible and take loving care of our Re-entry we get wonderful healthy results.

Can our anatomy be a metaphor for a successful Return Home?


How are you using your head? What are you thinking? Which thoughts are filling your mind? How organized or chaotic are your thoughts? Are you paying attention to your headspace?

Taking the time to write down your reflections upon your relocation journey, daily if possible, will help you become more present to what’s going on in your head. If you pay attention you will start to notice your patterns, how frequently they repeat and how entrenched or how flexible you are in your thinking.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.
George Bernard Shaw


What are you shouldering? What is weighing you down? Are you taking on some burden that could be divested or shared?

If you are reeling from the shock of Re-entry and your relationships are out of sorts, some of you might feel weighted down by this. Devise a plan to lighten up your load and remove some of the heaviness. Fun the most necessary part of any day. If you are not having fun (for at least some portion of the time), where can you build fun into your day? Our brains work best when they are lit up.


If you were to guess what is your most unconscious or subconscious worry?

Back pain is often associated with the subconscious mind and with deep seated feelings and beliefs that we are not even remotely conscious of.


Are you loving being back home? Or are you upset by your return? What do you love about your expat life that you want to continue back home?

How rarely we are encouraged to follow our heart, to focus on our personal dreams and aspirations in Re-entry. Give yourself a healthy dose of permission and take the time to listen to your longings. Let your deepest-seated desires rise to the surface. No matter where you are in your Repatriation journey it is possible to thrive, to live and to love your life to the fullest.

“Grow to love yourself, you are the person you spend every
waking moment with.” Brigitte Nicole

What are the stressors that might be upsetting you? What can’t you stomach?
Isolate the most torturous parts of the process – whether it is financial, physical or emotional. Focus on the area that challenges you most.


What are you moving towards? What are you running away from? How much ground are you covering?
Take stock and pay attention to your results. Create a clearer picture of where you are in relation to where you would love to be.

Arms and Hands

What are you holding onto that you need to let go of? What actions are you taking?
Move into action so that you can experience momentum and success. Consider the returnee journey as a game that you are winning. Every day ask yourself “what one action can I take today that will move me closer to the new life I really want”?


How grounded are you? What activities lead you to feeling grounded and centered?
The feet are wonderful tools and mostly we are unaware of them until they hurt. Are you taking the best, most appropriate steps to reengage yourself in your new life? Take steps, whether they are baby steps or giant leaps, just keep taking them.

I suggest using your body-map to create the best mindset and take the physical steps necessary to close the gap, make the leap and enjoy the journey we call Repatriation/Re-entry or Relaunch. We wish you the best of success wherever you are in the process. I would love to know how you are getting on, check into Re-entry Rockstars on FB.

Use this tool and let us know how you get on!

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