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In this episode of Nomadic Diaries, we dive into the fascinating journey of Chris Cartwright. Chris shares valuable insights on setting goals, practicing regularly, and being accountable when pursuing passion and personal growth.

We explore the concept of expatriation and its impact on individuals and communities. Chris highlights the importance of being aware of one's status as an expatriate and understanding the resources and privileges one has. We discuss the significance of approaching new experiences with humility and authenticity, expressing gratitude, and appreciating the efforts of others.

The episode delves into the Western culture's lack of awareness regarding how they are perceived by different cultures worldwide. We explore the concept of developing a global mindset and the significance of seeking multiple perspectives to foster understanding and appreciation for others.

Additionally, we discuss the importance of inclusion competency in recognizing our place within different contexts and ensuring everyone is valued and included. Chris shares their dedication to being a catalyst for everyone's voice to be recognized and valued in all situations.

The episode also takes a closer look at the practice of living fully in life and the importance of being conscious and mindful. Chris encourages listeners to find what intrigues them and turn it into a micro practice that can be done daily to foster personal growth and fulfillment.

We also explore the impact of the pandemic on Chris's life and their perspective on the interconnectedness of the world. Chris shares their losses and how the pandemic served as a wake-up call to the global impact of individual actions.

The episode addresses the importance of global competencies in understanding one's identity, building relationships, and navigating multiple cultural contexts. We discuss intercultural competence, self-reflection, understanding others, and gaining multiple perspectives.

Furthermore, we delve into the significance of curiosity, discipline, and focus in expanding our worldview and becoming more globally aware. Chris emphasizes the importance of accountability and the value of collecting items from different countries as a way to stay connected to friends and experiences from around the world.

Join us on this thought-provoking journey with Chris Cartwright as we explore the power of setting goals, practicing regularly, and embracing a global mindset. Let's dive into the Nomadic Diaries.

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