Coach Doreen

Expat or Re-entry Coach

What Does An Expat or Re-entry Coach Do For YOU?

Working with me as your coach supplies you with a system, support and partnership in making your transition to home or abroad an absolute game-changer and a springboard for a new and even better life than you previously imagined.

A Functional Vision

Working with me as your coach supplies you with a system, support and partnership in making your transition to home or abroad an absolute game-changer and a springboard for a new and even better life than you previously imagined.


I will be a partner and a witness to your consistent and inspired action. You will harness the power of a partner in believing, who holds you accountable.

Unconditional Support

I will help you build your team. Yes, the team that cheers you on, that celebrates along with you and helps carry you across the finish line.

Forward Momentum

Together I will help you thread the needle of international relocation. If you are overwhelmed, stuck, or drowning in inter-cultural soup, I will help you navigate that territory.


I will provide you with deep reservoirs of resources in the form of books, websites, podcasts and collaboration.

You must be ready to apply yourself, show up, do the work and make the changes necessary.

Who benefits from Coaching?

CEOs, football players, film stars, bands, boxers, mid-level managers, athletes - from high school to professionals and on to Olympians Leaders in all areas of corporate, faith or education have coaches to help them deliver outstanding results.

If you are ready to change, are tired of poor results or feeling stuck, then working with a coach is possibly a good fit for you.

If your transition has been messy and you know that you are truly ready to shift your results, to rock-n-roll your transition or rock your Re-entry as I call it, then sign up for a complimentary Strategy Session Now.


Helping people navigate international relocation and transitions, while simultaneously building an even better life, is my joy. I am a certified Coach and have been a licensed spiritual counselor for over twenty years. ​​ While helping people create the transition and therefore the life, of their dreams, I’ve witnessed transformational coaching unlock a whole new level of potential and power for clients.


That we all create the very best transitions, the best moves and the best outcomes through heart-centered coaching.  

That helping clients tap into their wisdom, natural greatness and infinite potential is the fastest way to create successful transitions.

That global living expands us beyond our mental, emotional and physical borders.

Everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams, and that Re-entry can be the BEST time of our lives, if we harness it properly.

That everyone has the possibility of creating a new adventure – whether moving home or abroad. No matter the pain, dislocation or disruption associated with moving cross-culturally.

Entry and Re-entry to be the most fertile ground for personal growth and still consider my own personal Re-entry to be ongoing.


To help my clients get in touch with their natural adventurous spirit and to build confidence in their own global potential.  

To wake up in the morning thinking, “how can I help expats and repats handle international location with more ease and joy”.

To observe global heart-centered coaching work in the hearts and minds of the individual.

To watch clients be more empowered than ever before and liberated to create the next new stage.


I understand what wakes us up at night.  I know what pains and fears we suffer – because I have been there, many times over.

I implement credible coaching programs and systems that I’ve been well trained in.

A Proven System
The Re-entry AAA system is a proven, reliable, repeatable system that delivers results time and time again.

Complimentary Strategy Sessions
In a Strategy Session we review your dreams, your goals and your challenges with transition and help you uncover some of your biggest roadblocks.

What my Clients are Saying

Peter James
Professional Photographer

"Working with Doreen was like finding someone who believed in me enough for me to believe in myself. That was invaluable.”

Karyl Huntley

Doreen brings a breadth and depth of global awareness, business savvy, spiritual richness, and ….I’ll call it….lovableness to her coaching that inspires positive outcomes. She deeply cares about her clients, their clients’ results and life transitions. I am a client and my life works because of her coaching skill and my own hard work, which they fire up!

Michael Bloxton

"I think one thing that I was able to gain was a sense of depth in my life and the ability to know the difference between what my life is really about and the things that are in my life."

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.”