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Conversations with EXPAT Writers
While taking time off for a few days to enjoy a family wedding, Doreen recorded a review episode. Over the last two months, Nomadic Diaries has interviewed and recorded the following authors. 

– Camilla Quintana: Author of "The Empowered Expat Woman: Your A to Z Guide to 
Thriving Wherever You Are"
Camilla talked about expat fatigue, what it is, how insidious it is, how to recognise it and create some strategies to combat it.

– Helen Ellis: Author of Being A Distant Grandparent 
Helen is an expert in distant grand parenting and maintaining relationships across miles. She shared some super tips about spinning plates!

– Rhoda Bangerter: Author of Holding the Fort Abroad;
Rhoda shared her experiences as an expat raising children while her husband traveled for work, this focus on self-care and decision-making skills while being the solo parent back home probably applies to more people than we know.

– Wiebke Homburg: Author of Finding Home Within :
Wiebke shared the journey of being a third culture kid, expat, and repatriating, emphasizing self-reflection tools and authentic decision-making. She relates all of this to the journey that occurs inside us.

– Michael Sullivan: Author of Building Bridges: Can We Love & Relate in a Polarized World 
Michael's book covers how to be authentic while communicating effectively across cultures and borders. Listen to this episode to get a sense of the heart and head of a TCK.

-Nikki Kornfield: Author of The Soul's Compass
Nikki shared her nomadic life journey and her commitment to yoga, grounding and centering herself along the way.

– At the end there is a little teaser for a future episode with Kathleen Israel, a solo woman in her seventies who bravely walked the Camino alone after taking care of her husband who had passed away a few months previously.

All these books contain stories and strategies to encourage and make international lives easier and more functional!  

We discussed a garden-variety of subjects from grand parenting abroad to split-location families, from specific empowerment for women to relating across borders and practical tools like yoga and walking the Camino. Please listen to the authors discuss their specialty topic so that you can apply their wisdom to your global mobile challenge.  They are all writers who write about expats and long-distance lifestyles.

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