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In this episode of Nomadic Diaries, host Doreen Cumberford and co-host Sharon Fields interview guest Andrea Schmitt, a certified teen girl life coach. Andrea shares her journey into becoming a life coach for adolescent girls and explains how she provides support and guidance to empower girls, boost their self-esteem, and teach them valuable life skills.

Andrea discusses her coaching programs, which typically consist of six sessions. She emphasizes that the sessions are 15 minutes long, allowing for deep discussions on various topics. She also highlights the importance of involving parents in the process, with the final session dedicated to meeting with them and sharing progress and insights.

The hosts and guest discuss the flexibility of Andrea's coaching schedule, allowing her to accommodate different time zones and busy school schedules. Andrea emphasizes the need for flexibility when working with teenagers to ensure effective coaching sessions.

Doreen shares her personal experience as a parent whose child went to boarding school, expressing the wish for additional support like Andrea's coaching services. Andrea reveals that her own daughter attended boarding school, and they discuss the benefits of having an external support system to address mental health and emotional well-being.

The hosts highlight the significance of discussing mental health, especially on World Mental Health Day, which coincides with the recording. Andrea measures her success through long-term client relationships, with some girls staying with her for over two years. She also values feedback and ensures the confidentiality of her sessions unless concerning issues arise.

Overall, this episode delves into the important role Andrea plays in coaching adolescent girls, providing crucial support and guidance to navigate the challenges of TCK (Third Culture Kid) life and expat experiences.

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

1️⃣ The Power of Outside Support: Andrea's journey as a TCK (third culture kid) mom living in various countries led her to discover the importance of having outside support for teenage girls. She recognized the need for a safe space where girls can share their thoughts, fears, and questions with someone who understands the challenges of being a TCK.

2️⃣ Flexible Coaching Programs: Andrea offers coaching packages for girls under the age of 18, with sessions lasting 15 minutes. She understands the busy schedules of teenagers and offers flexible timing, including weekends, to accommodate their needs. Additionally, Andrea involves parents in the process, ensuring a holistic approach to supporting the girls.

3️⃣ Long-Term Impact: The success of Andrea's coaching is measured not only by the feedback received from girls but also by the length of their engagement. Some girls have been with Andrea for over two years, a testament to the positive impact and lasting transformation in their lives.

If you're interested in gaining insights into the world of teen girl life coaching, empowering girls, or simply curious about how coaching can make a difference, make sure to tune in to the latest episode of "Nomadic Diaries." You won't want to miss Andrea's inspiring journey and the valuable wisdom she shares.

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