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In this episode of Nomadic Diaries, titled Expat Families – Surviving Alone Overseas,  Rhoda Bangerter and Doreen Cumberford delve into the emotional and logistical complexities faced by expats and split families living abroad.

Rhoda shares her firsthand experiences tackling the challenges of maintaining stability and coherence in family life while being separated from her husband by vast distances because of work commitments.

Here are three of the top strategies for managing such situations:

Self-Inclusion in Decision-Making:
Rhoda emphasizes the importance of including oneself in the family decision-making process. By including oneself in this process, families can ensure that they take care of every member and don't sideline anyone's well-being. After all families are teams!

Building a Support Network:
Establishing a strong local support system can provide practical help and emotional comfort. Rhoda advises connecting with local expat communities or similar groups who understand the challenges of living abroad.

Build A Sense of Belonging:
Getting involved in local communities initiatives and activities builds connection. Being  involved in the local community can also improve one’s quality of life and provide a sense of belonging, which is often missing in expat life.

Emphasizing Self-Care:
Both discussed the critical role of self-care and recognizing one's own needs. It's important for individuals to maintain their physical and emotional health to be fully present for their families, and how effective are we at doing this?

Utilizing Resources:
Rhoda mentions her book, 'Holding the Fort Abroad', which offers guidance and support to solo parents in long-distance relationships. Resources like these can provide valuable insights and strategies for managing life abroad.

Rhoda Bangerter is a Speaker, Split Location Consultant, and the Author of “Holding the Fort Abroad”. She was raised in a multicultural home and is married to a Swiss. They currently live in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Her husband has travelled for work their whole marriage including two years when he was based in Kabul.
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