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From Banker to Difference Maker: One Man's Unexpected Path

In today's episode of Nomadic Diaries, host Doreen Cumberford interviews John Doherty, a Scot who has been living in San Miguel for 16 years. A former banker, he found purpose in community service after relocating to Mexico. Here are some highlights from the episode:

Embracing the Unexpected: John Doherty's Purposeful Journey in San Miguel

In this heart-warming episode, Doreen Cumberford takes us on a journey through the life of John Doherty, a former banker from Scotland who discovered his true calling in the vibrant town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. After 16 years of calling this colorful community home, John shares his inspiring story of how he found purpose in an unexpected place.

A Magnetic Community
Drawn to San Miguel for its rich culture and tight-knit community, John's life took an unanticipated turn when he stumbled upon a group supporting children with disabilities. Little did he know, this encounter would ignite a passion that would shape the next chapter of his life.

The Accidental Founder
Against his initial plans, John found himself at the helm of a groundbreaking initiative – the establishment of a school for deaf children in San Miguel. Hear how he navigated the challenges of funding, building trust within the community, and ultimately creating a lasting impact.

Cultural Bridges
 John emphasizes the importance of cultural sensitivity and gratitude when working across different communities. He shares valuable insights on navigating cultural differences, acknowledging losses, and building connections that transcend boundaries.

A Legacy in Motion
With the school now a thriving success, John and his team have set their sights on expanding their reach. Discover their plans to train educators across Mexico, amplifying their impact on the lives of deaf children beyond San Miguel.

Your Chance to Make a Difference
 Inspired by John's incredible journey? In this segment, find out how you can contribute to the school's mission, whether through donations or offering your skills and expertise.

Join us for this uplifting conversation that reminds us of the power of embracing the unexpected and using our unique talents to create positive change in the world.

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