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Finding Home Within While Abroad!

🌍 Nomadic Diaries Takes You on a Fascinating Journey Into the Life of a Multicultural  Maven!

In this globetrotting episode, get ready to embark on an adventure with Wiebke Homburg – intercultural trainer, coach extraordinaire, and the author of "Finding Home Within". Brace yourself for stories spanning multiple continents and a whirlwind of cultural experiences!

🗝️ Key Highlights:

✈️ Wiebke's nomadic trail: From Belgium to the USA, Spain, Chile, Mexico and finally Germany – a life of constant movement.

🧠 The concept of 'inner team members' – an eye-opening approach to understanding your multifaceted identity (thanks to psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun)

🌐 Cultural chameleon skills: Strategies for adapting to new environments without losing your essence

🧘 Finding your zen amid the chaos: Embracing change and thriving as an expat/cross-cultural maverick

🤼‍♀️ When cultures collide: How to handle conflicting identities and emerge victorious!

Reflecting on her journey as a third-culture adult with experience across Belgium, the USA, Spain, Chile, Mexico, and her eventual resettling in Germany was fascinating. We talked about Wiebke's strategies for cultural adaptation, including how to adapt without over-adapting.

Exploring the concept of "inner team members":
German psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun wrote about this concept and how it can help us manage personal conflicts and understand who we are at depth better.  Weibke gave us examples of who our internal team members might be.

Staying on top of logistics and chaos:
Developing a new skill for handling the inevitable chaos and turmoil that accompanies moving across cultures is a super power we have to grow. Mastering this chaos requires constant reframing.

Wiebke's Course: "Finding Home Within":
We also discussed Wiebke's 6-week group coaching course, which includes live sessions, individual coaching, and a comprehensive workbook. This course addresses issues of identity, belonging and self-awareness among expats and multicultural individuals. 

A 6-week superhero training for expats & multicultural folks to: ✨ Uncover your authentic self ✨ Cultivate a sense of belonging ✨ Transform chaos into your superpower!

About Our Globe-Trotting Guru 🧭

Wiebke is living proof that diverse cultures can be blended into one badass identity. With her multi-continental experiences and wisdom, she's the ultimate guide for anyone struggling with repatriation or cultural integration.

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About Our Guest:

Wiebke Homburg is not only an author and coach but also an example of how to successfully integrate diverse cultural elements into a cohesive personal identity. Her expertise is especially valuable for those facing the challenges of repatriation and cultural integration.

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