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🎧 Grandparents – Distance Does Not Mean Disconnection!  In this powerful episode of Nomadic Diaries, host Doreen Cumberford welcomes New Zealand researcher and author Helen Ellis to explore the nuanced dynamics of long-distance family relationships. 

With a rich background as an anthropologist and the unique experience of being a distant stepmother, Helen shares her insights on how families can maintain connections and navigate the emotional landscapes despite the miles between them.

🌍 Helen's anthropological insights, combined with her personal journey as a distant mother and stepmother, illuminate how multigenerational connections can flourish despite geographical distances.

Key Takeaways for Our Listeners:

Building Bridges
We discussed how to keep love flowing across time zones with simple practices tailored for grandparent-grandchild relationships.

Embracing Change
Learn about the three levels of acceptance essential for grandparents and how to find harmony within the dynamic nature of distant grandparenting.

Communication is Key
See how technology and the timeless charm of the written word bridge emotional voids and create enduring bonds. 
Don’t miss out on this profound conversation that could redefine how you connect with your loved ones across the distance. It’s all about evolution, empathy, and the art of keeping close, no matter where life takes you.

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