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Welcome back to another episode of Nomadic Diaries, a podcast that explores the transformative journeys of expats and world travelers. 

In today's episode, we delve into the world of Jo Parfitt, a renowned expat, writer, and teacher with an impressive 30-year experience living overseas. With a staggering 32 books written and hundreds of mentees under her belt, Jo has become a trusted name in the realm of writing and publishing.

In 1997, Jo founded Summertime Publishing, specializing in books for those living abroad. Through her workbooks available on Amazon, online courses, Zoom sessions, and an annual writing retreat in Italy, Jo has created a platform for aspiring writers to find their voice and tell their stories.

 In 2020, she repatriated to Stanford in the UK, an experience she describes as both difficult and unexpected, partly due to the impact of the global pandemic. Jo's personal journey of repatriation and her battles with illness have shaped her perspective on life and the importance of finding happiness amidst uncertainty.

Join us as we explore Jo Parfitt's incredible journey, her struggles with illness, and her unwavering determination to find joy in the simple things. Discover how she has managed to create a global network of support and inspiration, while also fostering strong connections within her local community.

This episode will touch on the power of writing, the importance of having something to hold onto during times of transition, and the unexpected paths that life can take us on. So, grab your headphones and join us on another adventure-filled episode of Nomadic Diaries with our special guest, Jo Parfitt.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the episode:

1️⃣ Repatriation can be a bumpy road: Jo Parfitt shared her personal experience of repatriating not once, but twice. She revealed the initial struggles and the unexpected difficulties that came with returning to her home country. Through her stories, she emphasized the importance of being prepared for the challenges and having something in place to make oneself happy and feel like themselves during the transition.

2️⃣ Finding happiness in the simplest of things: Jo Parfitt highlighted the notion that happiness doesn't always come from material possessions or extravagant experiences. Rather, it can be found in the simplest of things that bring us joy. She shared how she rediscovered her love for writing, which became her source of happiness and self-expression even during challenging times. Through her journey, she emphasized the power of finding solace and fulfillment in our passions.

3️⃣ The significance of connections: Jo Parfitt talked about the importance of having a network, both locally and globally, for happiness and success. She highlighted the power of staying connected with like-minded individuals, whether through online workshops, events, or local writer's circles. She also shared the incredible impact of a deep and meaningful connection with a close friend who provided solace and support through daily voice messages, even during difficult times.

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