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We had the pleasure of interviewing Dorothy Wallstein on the Nomadic Diaries podcast hosted by Doreen Cumberford and Sharon Fields.

We delved into her journey as a holistic practitioner and founder of a homeopathic college in the UK plus her journeys from the US to the UK and eventually to Mexico. 

Journey to Mexico – Dorothy shares her journey from the US to the UK, and eventually to Mexico, where she initially arrived to learn Spanish but ended up falling in love with the country and its people. Her openness and willingness to embrace new challenges led to unexpected life changes.

Meaningful Relationships – Dorothy's told us about the meaningful and deep friendship with a young woman in Mexico, who she mentored and supported through nursing school, underscores the power of meaningful connections and giving back to the community.

Community Values and Health – Dorothy discusses cultural differences in Mexico, including a more open-hearted approach to life, a focus on community values, and the impact on mental and physical health. She highlights the importance of embracing a healthier, more meaningful lifestyle in Mexico.

Act of Giving – This podcast also delves into the act of giving in Mexico as compared to traditional charity, emphasizing the more personal and impactful nature of supporting individuals within the community.

Expat vs. Immigrant – Dorothy's desire to embrace integration within the Mexican community, as opposed to an expat-centric lifestyle,  offers a unique perspective on living abroad and cross cultures successfully.

I hope Dorothy's experiences inspire you to seek out meaningful connections and consider the holistic benefits of living abroad.  You can now listen to the full podcast episode here on Nomadic Diaries.

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