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🎙️New Episode Alert: Meet Angie Weinberger!  Angie is an experienced university lecturer, coach, and global expert and we loved our conversation on this episode.

This conversation highlights the human aspect of international transitions and the art of cultural competence.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

Intercultural Sensitivity: Angie underscores the crucial role of intercultural competence in navigating the current global landscape. We dig into the nuances of global mobility, focusing on both the emotional journey and strategic necessity of cultural awareness.

Expat Challenges: Doreen shares candid stories about the often-overlooked emotional impact on expat partners. Angie offers insights on building personal brands and establishing independence abroad to counter these challenges, a discussion with profound implications for those living the expat life.

Harnessing Technology with a Human Touch: In a world where digitalization dominates, Angie calls for a balance that brings back the personal element in our global interactions. 

🌍 Whether you're an expat, HR professional, or simply intrigued by the global mobility lane, this episode of Nomadic Diaries is a treasure trove of lived experiences and professional acumen.  Thank you Angie!

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