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We had the pleasure of interviewing Jane Garee  

We discussed the incredible adventures and challenges of living a nomadic life and achieving location independence as a business owner. 🎙️

Here are the 3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Embrace a traveler's mindset: Living like a traveler, not a tourist, is crucial to fully experiencing new cultures and building meaningful connections. Be open-minded, adaptable, and eager to learn from the local communities you visit.

2️⃣ Balance business and travel: Achieving location independence requires having the financial means to support your travels, effectively managing your business obligations while on the road, and cultivating a mindset shift to merge work and travel seamlessly.

3️⃣ Connect with a community: Engaging with other travelers and locals helps create a sense of belonging while exploring new places. Ask questions, join conversations, discover common experiences, and build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.

If you're curious to learn more about these topics and discover valuable insights from our conversation, make sure to check out the full episode.

And for those who want to dive deeper into adaptability, sales training, and strategies for a location independent lifestyle, we invite you to visit and, where Jane offers resources and expertise to help you on your journey. Plus, don't miss out on downloading her free 55-page guide! 

Safe travels, everyone! ✈️💼

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