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Title: Nomadic Diaries: Navigating Cultural Complexities with Nick Dunn

Episode Summary:

In this enriching episode of Nomadic Diaries, we sit down with intercultural competence specialist Nick Dunn to dissect the intricacies of cultural differences and how to navigate them with grace and efficiency. Through personal anecdotes and expert insights, we explore the value of cohesion, clarity, and playfulness in communication—both in global travels and multicultural workplaces.

Key Points Discussed:

1. Nick's Guiding Values: We delve into his cornerstone values of efficiency, clarity, precision, respect, and cohesion, which are crucial when resolving differences and fostering effective communication in a global context.

2.  A Third Way: Nick shares his approach to reconciling differences and advocating for the creation of new solutions that merge varying perspectives.

3. Language and Cultural Gaps: Doreen reflects on her experiences with 'Franglish' and language barriers while living abroad, underscoring the importance of cultural empathy.

4. Playfulness in Communication: Nick highlights how a playful attitude can defuse tension and lead to more creative problem-solving in intercultural interactions.

5. Universality of Forgiveness: Our hosts and guest discuss how different cultures generally show understanding towards non-native speakers, emphasizing the human desire to connect.

6. Inspiration from Children: Observations on how the self-organizing principles of kids at play can teach adults valuable lessons in teamwork and innovation.

7. Continuous Creative Process: The iterative nature of creativity in bridging cultural gaps is highlighted, alongside the importance of recognizing, respecting, and reconciling differences.

8. Leveraging Cultural Empathy: Sharon discusses with Nick how deep cultural understanding can significantly improve team dynamics and outcomes.

9. Nick Dunn's Day-to-Day: An insight into Nick's daily work facilitating intercultural competence through training sessions and leadership retreats.

10. Janet Bennett's Influence: Nick pays homage to the late Janet Bennett and her invaluable contributions to the field of intercultural research and practice.

11. Intercultural Relationships and Partnerships: The complexity and rewarding nature of navigating cultural differences in personal and professional relationships.

12. Navigating the Fast-Paced Cultural Landscape: Tips from Nick on handling cultural complexities, including the need for intentional exposure and mindfulness practices.

13. Practical Steps for Addressing Cultural Differences: Recognize, respect, reframe the differences, and employ a spec list for clearer communication.

14. There IS a  Business Case for Inclusion: The conversation extends to the effectiveness of diverse teams and the necessity of embracing cultural empathy in the workplace.

Guest Bio:

Nick Dunn is a seasoned expert in building intercultural competence, presenting a rich background of guiding diverse teams and leaders through the complexities of cultural differences. His work focuses on developing strategies for more inclusive and effective communication.

Resources Mentioned:

– Janet Bennett's Intercultural Development Inventory and Cultural Development Continuum

– Janet Bennett's "Four R approach"

– Aaron Meyer's accessible abstract concepts from a Western and European standpoint

Recommended Actions:

– Explore the work of Janet Bennett to better understand the intercultural development process.

– Engage intentionally with diverse experiences to expand cult

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