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Nomadic Diaries, the captivating new podcast, is set to revolutionize the expat narrative by delving deep into the joys, challenges, and secrets of living abroad. With a mission to share stories, divulge insights, and provide support through the rollercoaster journey of expatriation, Nomadic Diaries invites listeners to join a community of globetrotters, adventurers, and culture enthusiasts.

Welcome to another inspiring episode where our host, Doreen Cumberford sat down with the globally recognized author, traveler, and philanthropist Robin Pascoe. 

Robin is no stranger to a life in motion. Having spent four decades trotting the globe, initially as part of a Canadian foreign service family in Asia, Robin has woven her life around adapting to new countries, overcoming personal and professional challenges, and finding her path in the vast world of expatriate living. 

She's carved her identity through myriad roles — from journalist constrained by diplomatic limitations, to an author providing guidance for expat families, and now as a key figure in an environmental education revolution through her family's project at Finca Cantaros in Costa Rica.

A Purpose-Driven Life Beyond Borders
Robin offered a personal look at how she sustained her career identity while supporting her husband’s diplomatic endeavors and the implications of her nomadic lifestyle on her work and self-perception.

Robin’s writing is rich with the influence of her travels, offering listeners a window into how a life lived across continents can shape one’s creativity and body of work.

Key Takeaways
Robin’s life showcases the power of a purpose-driven journey, inspired by movement and adaptation and fueled by a desire to make a lasting impact. Her long history as a journalist, collecting her story along the way stands her in great stead for even more adventures.

Overcoming Adversity:
Robin's career evolution exemplifies resilience in the face of change, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and adaptability in a nomadic lifestyle.

Philanthropy and Impact:
The Pascoe family's transition to philanthropy highlights the significance of giving back and the potential to create positive change through family collaboration and community engagement.

Key Life Lessons
Be prepared for failure, acknowledge and honor the significance of self-awareness and look to  derive motivation from your own personal growth rather than comparing oneself to others on social media.

📚 Robin’s upcoming memoir—and the family's collective work—will continue to support the Cantaros Environmental Association,  exemplifying the ethos of using one's experiences for the greater good.

👉 For a profound look into how one family’s nomadic life has planted seeds of environmental consciousness worldwide, learn more about contributing to their project and explore how you can carry purpose throughout your personal and professional journeys.

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