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🎙️ In this episode of Nomadic Diaries, Sharon Fields interviews Don Ron Walters, a real estate agent living in San Miguel de Allende. Ron shares his journey from corporate America to becoming a realtor in Mexico, discussing the cultural and logistical differences between selling real estate in Mexico and the United States. 

He talks about the diverse cultures in Mexico, the challenges faced by different age groups, and his experience as an expat from the United States. Ron offers insightful advice for those considering a move to another country, emphasizing the importance of understanding climate, culture, cost of living, and safety. 

The conversation ends with Ron sharing inspirational advice about giving back and making the most out of life and the nuances of living, working, and thriving overseas. From selling real estate in San Miguel to navigating cultural differences, we covered it all.

🔍 Here are 3 key takeaways from our chat:

Real Estate in San Miguel: Exploring the process and differences compared to the United States.

Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding and respecting diverse cultural identities and interactions.

Pursuing a Move Abroad: Insights for those considering a move, from safety considerations to embracing new languages and giving back to the community.

You can listen to the full episode to gain more insight into expat living and traveling across the globe. 

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