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In a recent interview Doreen and Sharon spoke with Roy Craft a former executive and cross-cultural expert who has worked across borders, races, cultures and languages.  

As someone who's crossed borders to live and work in various countries, our mantra has always been about fostering global-mindedness. Here are some key takeaways from our conversation with Roy Craft that resonated with that mantra.

🌏 The Power of Appreciative Inquiry
In any interaction, focusing on the positive aspects of organizations and individuals can unearth a wealth of understanding and shared humanity. This methodology has been instrumental in my approach, whether interacting with individuals or within my professional environment.

🌏 Embracing Omniculture
 Living as the only white staff member at Morehouse College was a pivotal experience in Roy's life. It deeply ingrained the value of reaching out, understanding, and integrating diverse cultural perspectives – something he aims to embody through his concept of becoming "omnicultured".

🌏 Day-to-Day Connections
 Intentional conversations is a powerful way to connect in any arena. It's about taking the time to build rapport and truly understand where people are coming from. Roy can practice this frequently due to his domicile being in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  

🌏 Seeing with New Eyes
A crucial bit of advice for those of us considering a new life abroad is to embrace newness with a fresh perspective and a healthy dose of curiosity. This extends beyond analysis, into feeling and experiencing your new surroundings, perhaps even through the lens of poetry or art.

🌏 Creating Third Cultural Spaces:
Working interculturally within organizations isn't just about compromise but about creating spaces where shared values and explorations can flourish. It's about 90% of culture that isn't visible at first glance but is paramount in building strong, lasting bridges between diverse groups.

As someone who has navigated cultural nuances, from the meticulous taxi systems in Japan to intercultural communication styles in business settings, Roy believes that being a cultural learner is vital. It's about setting aside preconceptions and engaging with a heart-to-heart approach.

We hope that by sharing Roy's experiences this might inspire you to navigate cross-cultural interactions with empathy and intelligence.  Let's continue to foster a global-hearted community together.

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