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Welcome back to another episode of Nomadic Diaries!

In today's episode, we dive deep into the experiences of Linda Mueller, a self-proclaimed "global soul" who has spent years living abroad and now resides in Chicago. Linda shares her perspective on the craziness of life and how it is not solely attributed to frequent moves but rather a fundamental part of our existence.

 We explore Linda's journey in developing an international mindset, overcoming reverse culture shock, and the strategies she employs to maintain her global perspective even when back in her passport country. With the pandemic sparking a newfound interest in travel and adventure, we discuss how to encourage individuals to embrace living abroad and develop their own international mindset.

Linda also shares her unique values exercise, which helps individuals align their actions with their true values and simplify their lives. We explore Linda's own personal development, shifting mindset on travel, and her exciting plans for the next chapter of her life. Join us as we delve into Linda's inspiring story and discover how we too can nurture our own international souls. Let's get started on this fascinating journey of self-discovery and exploration in today's episode, "Linda Mueller."

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