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🎧 New Episode Alert: 🌍 Nomadic Diaries – Spotlight on Louise Ross 🌟

In the latest episode of Nomadic Diaries, we had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Louise Ross, whose journey from the shores of Australia took her across the globe to the hustle of Boulder, Colorado, then onward to Portugal.

Louise has lived a tale of adventure.  She has created a home and identity in multiple geographic locations all the while building a heartfelt story of balance and grounding. 

Louise shares her perspective on living abroad, the international appeal of Portugal, and the realities of crossing borders big time!

Here are 3 key takeaways:

Embracing Change:  From embracing Jungian psychology in Colorado to finding her entrepreneurial spirit among Digital Divas, provides inspiration for anyone pondering a leap into the nomadic or expat lifestyles, you never know where you will end up!

The Changing Tides of Expat Life: Learn how Portugal's policies have evolved to attract a wave of international residents and how this has affected both expats and locals.

Cultural Connections & Resilience: Discover how historical events shape the fabric of Portugal's community today.
Tune in with your hosts Doreen Cumberford and Sharon Fields to dive deep into the world of this globetrotter and get a peak into the decisions required to live across borders. 

🌐 Don't miss the full story – listen to the episode, and for more on Louise, visit her website at

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