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Nomadic Diaries host, Doreen Cumberford sits down with Joel Bond, to discuss Palm Trees and Resilience!  Joel is an author, educator, and expatriate who has lived in Iraq for seven years. They dive into his experience as chronicled in his first book, "As Large as Your Spirit," touching on the human side of living overseas and finding one's identity amidst global chaos.

We discussed Joel's Reverse Refugee Experience, where he shared his unique tale of attempting to return to Iraq amidst the refugee crisis, offering a fresh perspective on the term 'reverse refugee.'

A few highlights from this show included:

Pandemic Reflections
The enforced solitude of the pandemic brought about a period of introspection for Joel, prompting a deeper understanding of his global nomad identity.

Post-ISIS Iraq
Joel paints a picture of life in Iraq after ISIS, discussing rebuilding efforts, educational challenges, and the surge of foreign investments.

Evacuation and Repatriation 
Joel describes the urgency of evacuating a country for safety, the subsequent emotional turmoil, and the journey towards finding a new balance.

This conversation underlines the value of empathy and listening to the myriad of personal stories shared by individuals, regardless of their backgrounds.Doreen and Joel credit their time in the Middle East for their resilience, not only in adapting to change but also thriving amidst them. 

When culture shock gets you down, view it as an opportunity to dig deeper and learn more!

Joel's book can be found on Amazon.

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