Use Your Memories to Leverage Your Future Amidst Re-entry

Re-entry can feel like a birth canal – that’s because it is! It’s a process that has pain, relief, trauma and ultimately joy at the end. You are literally are in the throes of birthing the next iteration of YOU. This is huge. 99% of us dismiss the process and sometimes even deny it exists. The belief that we disembark an airplane and find ourselves “back home” is a myth of epic proportions. But like a birth, when we deliver the joy we literally forget the pain.

The dictionary would say a memory is a recollection, a reminiscence, a souvenir, an echo or an impression. We think in pictures – if I say “your kitchen sink” or “your left thumb” an image comes to mind. Memories are unstable and constantly changing – like the rest of life – create them well – then use them. The images of our overseas sojourn prompt a “re-membering” an action in our mind’s eye where we put something together that transforms into memory.

By effectively harnessing those images of the past and using them mindfully we can more efficiently process Re-entry. Just because memory fades doesn’t mean we cannot apply and repurpose them. In fact, I have found that the longer I am “back home” the more perspective I enjoy. Re-entry is not an event – it’s a beautiful process, take your time, treat yourself like the hero you are – use all your memories, positive and negative, redirect them to leverage your next steps. Make your memories the engine that drives you to the result you want.

Your stories are pure gold. Yes, gold. Save them, revisit them, treat them like they are family, love them – but don’t necessarily share them with your friends, family and neighbors back home. Which of course is our first instinct …..when you hear in your head “oh let me tell you about the time…….happened overseas”, pause – ask yourself what message do you really want to articulate, and is this moment the time to share?

Find creative uses for your stories. They might be messy – all the better. They will help you midwife and birth the experience you want at the end of Re-entry. Harness your stories, use them wisely to help even out the roller coaster of Re-entry.

Review your memories and record them;
Harness memories … how can you use your memories to leverage the results you want both inside and after the Re-entry process?
Love your stories – make them more real, treat them like treasures;
Don’t cast pearls before swine – like in the bible – nurture and share you memories as appropriate. Only share with people who love, value and appreciate them;
Repurpose your story to tell the story of WHO you are becoming and WHAT you want to achieve with Re-entry.

You are the person who created x, y and z overseas, therefore you are the person who can repurpose those memories to create exactly what you would love in the future.

All the best with your memories. Let us know your results and how this works for you.

Here’s to the Re-entry you dream up!