Three Reasons Why Re-entry Can Be Prolonged and Painful

  1. a) Insufficient support

All the surveys, studies and research point to the fact that everyone enjoys better results in Re-entry when they are receiving some sort of support.

The support can be a family member who really leans in and listens well, an inter-cultural consultant or a friendly

heart-centered coach who is trained to ask the right questions.

The bottom line is, no matter who you are – the President of a corporation, or a returning student – getting the support you want and need is critical to thrive through the process of Returning well.

  1. b) Insufficient intention

When we are hit in the face by disconnection and disillusionment, it’s easy to dilute our intentions.  If we pour on more intention, it acts like fuel to the fire, or moving to another gear on the freeway – we arrive faster and get measurably better results.

The Latin “intentionem” means stretching out, straining, exertion and effort.  Yes, it takes effort, this is not a passive process, it’s something you have to pour yourself into.

Like a work-out for the mind.  It’s daily muscle-building.  By working out our minds and brains we build new thinking muscles.  By doing the daily reps you will build to a higher frequency and strengthen your thinking.

Help steady yourself in the wobbly parts of this journey by intending. Intend the positive powerful life you want into existence….like an Olympic athlete go into the gym of your mind and build powerful and positive thinking – that translates into more powerful and positive actions.

  1. c)  Insufficient belief

Here are three beliefs you must unpack in order to thrive during the Re-entry rigamarole!

(1)   A belief that you deserve to thrive back home;

(2)    A belief that you are bigger than any of the storms that the

     cultural adaptation process throws at you;

(3)   A belief that you and your vision are potent and powerful; if you are a person of faith – Use It!!   If not – Build It!!

“You must be willing to do something you’ve never done before,

 to get something you’ve never had.”           Mary Morrissey

Here’s to the Re-entry you dream up!