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These mini sessions are part of National Podcasting Month and are part of a 30 day podcasting challenge.  

They will cover a multitude of Sporadic Diaries!  Sometimes they will simply be a reading from Life in the Camel Lane, Embrace Your Adventure, other days they will be packed full of content on a variety of soup to nut subjects.

These mini-episodes are designed to be whimsical, to be listened to quickly like while making a sandwich or completing a small task.  

We will cover a mishmash of subjects like repatriation, house sitting, traveling, rewiring, refiring, driving overseas, food abroad, belonging, launching etc.  

At Nomadic Diaries we feature guests who support short and long-term expats to launch, live a fulfilling, successful adventure and recover from it!  We call it from launching to landing.  

This episode is Doreen reading about driving in Saudi Arabia in the days when women had no legal access to the roads!

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