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This is another mini podcast on the subject of Repatriation and the Ten Commandments.   These are short bursts of content during the month of November for National Podcasting Posting Month.

"Adventures in Repatriation: Thou shalt not expect things at home to have stayed the same."

— Doreen Cumberford – Host of Nomadic Diaries 00:00:57

"Life After Travelling: 'Thou shalt not expect things to have stayed the same, whether it's structures or any of the systems back home. Number two, thou shalt be gentle with yourself, your family, and your friends.'"

— Doreen Cumberford – Host of Nomadic Diaries 00:01:46

"Valuing Relationships After Travelling: And so I think it's very important to be very kind, very gentle, very considerate of your relationships and all these people that you love back home."

— Doreen Cumberford – Host of Nomadic Diaries 00:02:51

"Intentionality in Relationships: It's only by being intentional that we can recreate a sense of belonging, that we can rebuild our identities where we belong, and that we can build those connections which we need as humans to sustain ourselves."

— Doreen Cumberford – Host of Nomadic Diaries 00:04:45

"Handling Stress and Change: When I notice myself fussing or fretting or freaking out about something, I know it's time to be quiet, to set myself aside, to apply some deep thinking and just take a great big breath."

— Doreen Cumberford – Host of Nomadic Diaries 00:06:06

"Minimalism and Getting Rid of Clutter: 'I think being very measured and discerning about maintaining the pieces and the treasures that truly tell your story, what are the bits that are meaningful and for you and exciting and important that you need to keep and saving those, using those and cherishing those, and then sharing and giving away the rest.'"

— Doreen Cumberford – Host of Nomadic Diaries 00:07:50

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