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🎙️ It's time for another episode of #NomadicDiariesPodcast! 🌍

🎧 Join Doreen Cumberford and Sharon Fields as they discuss the fascinating world of NaPodPoMo on their latest episode: "Sporadic Diaries – Why NaPodPoMo". 🎙️

🌟 Discover how Doreen stumbled upon this challenge and why she decided to participate, as they delve into the power of curating content and building a community. 🌟

🔁 Listen in as they explore a mishmash of subjects, from life in the Camel Lane to driving in Saudi Arabia and even conversations about frenetic busyness and loving saints. Expect the unexpected! 🔀

✨ Plus, get insider tips on finding inspiration for podcast topics and a sneak peek into what's coming up next in their 30-day NaPodPoMo challenge. 🎯

Ready to embark on an exciting audio journey? Tune in now and let the Nomadic Diaries team transport you to a world of fascinating stories, advice, and experiences. 🌟

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