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Welcome to Michael Sullivan's episode on Nomadic Diaries called The Expat's Portable Identity.  Michael is currently a Goodwill Ambassador with the US Department of State in Turkey and is currently penning a book titled "Building Bridges: Can We Love and Relate in a Polarized World."

Michael shares his rich experiences and the nuanced challenges faced by his wife and children by virtue of their relationship and biculturalism. 

⚡Building Bridges Across the Great Divide⚡

In this episode, we tackled one of the biggest challenges facing humans today. 

Here are the big takeaways:

The Role of Expats in Their Children’s Lives:
Michael underscores the importance of active involvement in the educational and social activities of our children to help them navigate the complexities of growing up between cultures.

Bicultural Challenges:
Insights into the personal challenges faced by Michael’s family, highlighting the tug-of-war between maintaining one’s cultural identity and assimilating into a new environment while constantly building love and connection.

Societal Expectations and Labels: 
The necessity of developing empathy and understanding in today's divided world and how it looks so different from generation to generation came up.   

Expat Challenges and Inspirations:
Michael talks about the bravery needed to live abroad and what motivates individuals to take this significant step, which we can all relate to as each of us has taken a bold step in the direction of living a different lifestyle called overseas.

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