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🎙️ This episode features Monica Neubauer as our guest, an international speaker and award-winning real estate agent. Monica lived in China then returned after six years overseas.

 Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

Primarily we chatted about repatriation or returning home after living overseas, and how we can Monica uses her overseas lessons to help train Realtors in DE&I.

1️⃣ Embrace Disruption: Monica reminded us that disruptive experiences, like shopping in a big grocery store with countless options, can break biases and ruts in our brains. By embracing these disruptions and adapting to new environments, we can widen our perspectives and become more open-minded individuals.

2️⃣ Connect Globally: Monica emphasizes the importance of connecting with international people who understand the experience of living abroad. Whether it's blending online and offline communities or joining organizations like Inner nationS, building relationships with global citizens can help us navigate the challenges of living in a new culture and foster cross-cultural understanding.

3️⃣ Practice Cultural Competency: To become culturally competent, we need to practice tolerance, become self-aware of our biases, and accept differences as new realities. Monica shared how her international experiences helped her teach real estate agents about diversity and bias. We can all develop cultural competency by leaning into new experiences, observing and learning from different cultures.

Let's embrace disruption, connect globally, and practice cultural competency to become more open-minded and culturally aware individuals. Thank you, Monica Neubauer, for sharing your experiences and insights on the Nomadic Diaries podcast! Stay tuned for the episode release, coming soon! 🌍✨

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