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Welcome to this world of Oz and cultural adaptation. In this intriguing episode our host Doreen Cumberford invites guest Vanessa Paisley, an expert in intercultural communication, to dive into the complexities of living and working across different cultures.

Throughout the episode, Vanessa and Doreen swapped personal stories that reflect on the challenges of maintaining one's mental health and identity when living overseas.  

Vanessa discusses her experience of moving to rural Austria, dealing with despondency and cultural sensitivity, while Doreen recalls her time in Saudi Arabia and the struggles with expatriation, repatriation and constantly feeling out of place.

Vanessa offers insights on navigating communication challenges, language barriers, and working styles, particularly between Austrian and Indian students, touch upon the intricacies of professional communication, stressing the importance of cultural intelligence, comprising knowledge, attitudes, and skills, to enhance empathy and understanding in diverse scenarios.

The discussion further explores the significance of intercultural experiences, the role of cultural bridge builders, and the relevance of being mindful and open-minded to different perspectives. Vanessa and Doreen highlight the mental and physical energy needed to adapt to various cultures and the importance of developing cultural skills to minimize biases and foster healthier intercultural interactions.

This enriching conversation aims to give listeners a deeper appreciation of the nuances of living as expats, nomads, and full-time travelers, encouraging them to embrace cultural differences with curiosity and respect.

Join us on "Nomadic Diaries" for more insights into the global villages and the Wizard of Oz-ness of life lived overseas.

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