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Koen Gomes: A Journey into Sustainable Travel and Global Citizenship 🌏

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 🚀 The latest episode of 'Nomadic Diaries' is now live, and it is one you can't afford to miss. Join our host, Doreen Cumberford, as she converses with the worldly Koen Gomes about the tapestry of adventures, the importance of cultural competence, and the art of traveling sustainably.

Key takeaways from this insightful conversation include:

Embrace the Unknown
Koen's experiences remind us that exploring new territories doesn't mean getting lost. Nature can guide us, and there's always a helping hand nearby. His stories from around the world will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone with confidence.

Sustainable Exploration is Key
 As a flying horse groom and avid traveler, Koen underlines the essence of connecting meaningfully with places and people. His emphasis on preparedness, from quick research to essential items like your passport and phone, ensures responsible and enriching travel.

Global Citizenship Through Travel
Traveling isn't just for fun; it's an educational venture that fosters global awareness. Koen's discussions on flexibility, adaptability, and starting exploration locally provide a personal roadmap to becoming a well-rounded global citizen.

Curious to learn about Koen's riveting experiences in San Miguel and beyond? Eager to understand how to blend passion with purpose during your travels? Tune in to 'Nomadic Diaries' episode three, "Koen 2 (short).mp3" on or your favored podcast platform. Let's get inspired together! 🌟

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