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Welcome back to an exciting new episode of Nomadic Diaries!

 In today's captivating installment, we have a remarkable guest joining us, Rebecca Eichler, an international human rights advocate, activist, and lifelong adventurer. Rebecca's journey took her from practicing law in Washington DC to providing disaster legal aid globally for almost two decades. 

But it was her decision, along with her husband and children, to embark on a year-long road trip from Virginia to Panama in a classic VW van that truly changed the course of their lives. This epic travel adventure eventually led them to settle in the vibrant city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

Throughout the episode, Rebecca shares her transformative experiences, challenges, and the remarkable opportunities that unfolded when she let go of her established career. We delve into the concept of embracing different ways of living, defying societal norms, and the invaluable lessons she learned along the way.

 Plus, Rebecca sheds light on her work as an immigration attorney and her unique program, Spanish for Lawyers, designed to bridge the language gap for those working on migrant issues. Be prepared to be inspired and entertained as we dive deep into Rebecca's nomadic journey on Nomadic Diaries!

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