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Jean Marie DiGiovanna interviews host Doreen Cumberford in this episode, discussing the purpose of Nomadic Diaries and the lessons that may be learned when our wanderlust is unleashed. 

Unveiling the Podcast's Why

Doreen Cumberford begins by shedding light on the motivation for creating Nomadic Diaries. As someone who gravitates towards verbal engagement and authentic conversations, she found the podcasting medium to be the perfect platform for sharing transformative stories, insights, and secrets gathered from her vast experiences as a coach, speaker, expat and…….

Why Start a Podcast….
a) To build local and global competency,
b) Provide information and inspiration to support Third Culture Kids
c) Call out the recovery program that is Repatriation back to one's home country
d) Reveal the studies on distance living, cross cultural lifestyles and migration
e) To provide strategies and resources to the globally mobile communities 

From unpacking the reasoning behind starting the podcast to diving into concepts of global competency, third culture kids, and heart-to-heart connections that transcend borders, she provides a wealth of wisdom and inspiration.

The Significance of Nomadic Diaries

We are seeking to serve a diverse audience, including expats, global nomads and people who have not yet adopted labels but are building lives full-time overseas.  While delving into the 'why' of travel, our real aim is to inspire, empower, and be the "guide on the side" for people who are facing challenging journeys overseas. ,

Expansive Tools

The podcast covers a wide array of topics, from interculturalism, stories, and examples to academic discussions and practical advice. By fostering community, the podcast equips its listeners with the tools necessary to set realistic travel goals, navigate obstacles, and understand the unintended consequences of living a nomadic lifestyle.

What is Global Competency And Why do we Need it?

Doreen delves into the concept of global competency, emphasizing the importance of understanding cultural nuances, behaviors, and values, as well as the necessity of cultural intelligence for effective intercultural communication. By helping people build heart-to-heart connections that bridge cultural barriers, Nomadic Diaries advocates for a more empathetic and interconnected world.

Navigating the Expatriate Lifestyle

Doreen has worn many hats as a professional expat in government then corporate environments,  then segueing into the role as a corporate spouse.  She is married to a TCK and having raised one in Saudi Arabia.  All these roles have delivered insight and a common sense approach to lives built overseas.   

Doreen believes that no matter where we are, we can use our journeys as springboards for personal growth. By sharing personal stories and quizzing experts and authors, the podcast aims to shed light on the complexities of navigating an expatriate lifestyle.

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