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Nomadic Diaries is happy to present real stories and practical advice from George Walther who has visited over 130 countries. 

George spent a decade living in ten different countries for a year each, earning him the nickname "Traveling Twain of the 21st century." His interest in experiencing different cultures and countries was sparked by a desire for more than just a taste of the world.

George shared how living in different countries exposes his brain to different languages and currencies, keeping it both active and engaged. In contrast, living a typical life in the US often involves repetitive activities with only a small percentage of new experiences.

George highlights how in certain places, like Madagascar, public transportation is not readily available, and people have to rely on crowded car rides. These are the kinds of unexpected adventures that make his nomadic lifestyle so exciting.

George's fascinating anecdotes don't stop there. He also shares his experience of being fully immersed in the cultures of the countries he lived in. He made friends from different backgrounds and formed deep connections.

He shares his secret recipe for making new friends – the "smile back factor". By smiling and making an effort to speak the local language, he has been able to break the ice and connect with people in diverse communities across the globe.

As our conversation with George comes to a close, he mentions that there are three essential things anyone should do when living abroad, listen in for the three absolute must actions you need to take.

Thank you for joining us in this episode of Nomadic Diaries. Stay tuned for more captivating stories and insights into life lived overseas. And remember, we're here to share stories, wisdom and perspective to help you navigate your own life at home or abroad with more ease and grace.

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