What Does Oprah Have in Common With Re-Entry?

Frequently Oprah produces a segment for TV called Super Soul Sunday. She focuses on interviewing all kinds of experts from Buddhist nuns to motivational speakers, and from plant eating experts to organizational psychologists.

Re-entry requires, in fact even demands, that we not only care for the visible side of our lives, like where will we live, what will we eat, what exercise program to choose in a new place etc. but also the invisible side of our lives.

The invisible parts would include our emotional health and wellbeing.  Those would include our dreams and our life’s purpose together with our values.    Oprah’s programs “nourish the body, mind and spirit while offering insights into living one’s best life”.

Insights are key.

Arriving “back home” we are faced with exactly a mountain of change to oversee. Literally everything from the ground up is different.

There is a magic trick hidden in all this.  We may seem to be in a familiar environment – yet it’s not quite the same, because change has been at work in the background ever since we left.

Watching Oprah’s menu of subjects can give us regular clues to what to pay attention to while moving forward on our re-entry journey.  All her subject address universal truths.  If we pay attention to those, focus on taking care of our invisible nature we will thrive.

Re-entry prescription – perform three of the following every day.

  1. daily meditation
  2. inspirational readings
  3. establishing a gratitude journal – and actually using it
  4. faith related activities – align your beliefs with your actions and find your tribe
  5. practicing generosity

It seems to me that returning home is like a form of after-life. For some of us it’s the life after the best time we ever had, or it’s the life after our most expansive, growing and learning we ever enjoyed.   While for others it can be a relief to return home after being tossed around by topsy-turvy experiences overseas.

So how do you want your “overseas after-life” to go?

Anything that nurtures our souls, in my book, nurtures our re-entry and vice-versa.  Whether coming home or going abroad just be like Oprah, create your own prescription full of soulful.

Home Again, Home Again….Jiggety Jig!!!