A blue and white ribbon wove it’s way down the mountain, the square platform of the waterslide stood at eye level as we stood looking out across the Mexican dessert towards hazy grey mountains.

Looking down into the grounds we caught glimpses of several other pools, gigantic mushrooms gushing water, playgrounds and a small forest with manicured grounds beneath.

We were peering down at Xote, (pronounced chotae) a small water park type of oasis in the dusty, in the Bajio mountains in Mexico, about 170 miles northwest of Mexico City. We were examining this treasure from the top road and which provided us with a singular perspective.

At the end of a dusty cobblestoned road in the countryside, this gem emerged like an oasis. We discovered it while pet and housesitting a property close-by.  We had taken the dogs for a walk down the road.

The weather seemed too cold at that time to swim so it didn’t cross our minds to investigate – until now.

Two years after viewing it from the top road, we discovered the bottom entrance about a mile and a half from a friend’s house.

When a friend invited me a couple of months ago to go swimming in volcanic water in an almost empty swimming pool, I jumped at it.

Xote has five pools, water slides, play areas for kids, shaded tables with a place to perch and a very few sun-loungers.  Beautifully landscaped,  the park marches down the mountain at different terraced levels.  It has been a truly magical place to escape and reboot and discovering the facilities has been a delight.

Xote has become synonymous with reflection and restoration in my mind.  The swimming and water aerobics I get to do is the super side benefit.

Arriving immediately after it opens, at 9:00 a.m. there might be three swimmers in the largest lap pool.  This volcanic water is spring-fed and arrives in the pool at a warm bath-water temperature which is welcoming and refreshing, especially in the winter months.

This 90 minutes of focused, quiet time spent in this remarkable oasis in the highlands of Mexico suddenly turned a newly stacked habit.

When the local culture arrives it changes – but equally delightful to observe. Families arrive in troops,  bringing music blaring from speakers, several coolers with food, and an endless procession of blow up floaties.

There are ducks, peacocks, unicorns & swans into which the many babies & toddlers are placed. Mostly they save up to come here for an entire day, and frequently drive two hours or more to enjoy this. The trash-cans have large cartoon-type heads and this lends a low-key Disney-esque type of atmosphere, plus it sends a message that kids are welcome.

One fellow was busy tying the longest hammock I have ever seen between two trees on the lower level last week.

There is a rare pine forest in the grounds & swimming in the lower pool means you swim out to the desert and back towards the forest.

It’s unique – it’s special & I do appreciate how fortunate I am to have discovered a place that is so magical.

Finding bite sized adventures that fit your lifestyle, while building a positive mindset, is a stepping stone to  a positive lifestyle as a digital nomad.

Waiting two years to discover Xote was way too long.  However, finally, I am grateful that I have found it and look forward to returning to that magical morning spot.

Here’s to finding your magical places!